Need Capital To Fund That Next Project?

We provide companies and individuals with capital to startup or advance their businesses.

Need Investment Advise?

We have qualified experts to give you accurate financial and investment advise.
Solution Focused
We are always focused on providing solutions for businesses.
Customer Oriented
At Fineon Investment PTE Limited our customers and clients are the first priority.
99.99% Success
We have a record of 99.9% success rate in businesses that we've invested in.
Decision Maker
We are firm decision makers, that's one of our area of expertise.
About Us

Welcome to The Best Investment Company


What do we invest in?

Startups in Southeast Asia and North America that leverage technology and the internet to scale rapidly and disrupt existing industries - from e-commerce to payments, marketplaces to content portals, mobile apps to B2B, IoT to SaaS platforms and also High growth Potential Companies across the globe.

How much do we invest?

We invest at the Seed, Series A, and Bridge rounds. We typically look at companies raising from USD$500k to USD$100M. We like working with co-investors that add value and are open to both leading and following other investors.

Our Best Services

Investment Management
We provide investment management services and offer investment products across all major asset classes to a diverse set of institutional and individual clients. Investment has been our core operation for years.
Project Funding
Private placement financing provides a competitive alternative to traditional commercial lending in a tight-money market where many worthy borrowers are being denied access to funds for their project.
Direct Loan Finance
Before the loan can be disbursed, you must complete a separate master promissory note (MPN). Master promissory notes can be accesed through or approval documentation process.
Start-Up Loans
At Fineon Investment Pte Ltd , we understand entrepreneurs and the challenges they face when building a company. Our team of CFOs and Accountants have decades of startup expertise.
Advisory Services
We provide clients with customized and innovative solutions that address their distinct needs. We partner with clients in over 120 countries around the world, managing assets and more.
Mutual Trust
Trusts and other fiduciary arrangements often play an important role in estate and wealth transfer plans. Sometimes, the services of a professional Trustee will be needed to implement in any case.
Investment Consulting
The investment decisions you make affect your employees’ future quality of life and your bottom line. In today’s age of risk awareness and increased scrutiny.

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